Double Glazing. Is it worth it?

amplimesh-supascreen-heroIs it worth getting double glazing in Australia? The short answer is yes.

It’s undeniable that double glazed windows and doors improve energy efficiency, but is double glazing worth the extra cost?

Double glazing is basically a window or door that has two panes of glass installed in its frame rather than just one. However, its energy efficiency doesn’t stem from the extra thickness, but from the gap between the panes of glass. The empty space between the panes is what provides insulation from heat and cold.

The importance of insulating glass cannot be over-estimated. According to numerous independent studies, windows are responsible for more heat loss or gain in a building than any other part of the building.

We reckon that by installing good quality double glazing, you could cut your energy bills in half by reducing the need to run extra heating or cooling appliances.

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